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12494929 992850430791690 5621497328041067824 nSurrounded by the amazing Val Pusteria next weekend May 6-7 will be held at the Music School in Bruneck (BZ) a masterclass of saxophones opened to all students, musicians profis and not.

The whole range of Sequoia Saxophones will be exhibited during the weekend and will be at disposal for testing.

Roberto Buttus will be ready for repairs and assistance on all Sequoia instruments. A chance absolutely not to be missed: the Sequoia saxophones in pole position!



lev pupis 3Our Sequoia artist Lev Pupis together with his "inseparable"  Sopran K91 and his quartet 4 Saxess will be in tour in U.S.A. from April 24 to 30, 2016.

Another wonderful chance to broaden the horizon and take the Sequoia saxophones overseas.

Thanks Lev, fingers crossed and keep up the amazing work!


12801576 992850444125022 2321074695705603001 nThe Italian Financial Act Stability Law 2016 introduces the chance to benefit of Bonus Stradivari (a discount of Euro 1.000,00 on purchase of a new instrument) for all students from Conservatory and Institutes of Music. A great chance!

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your complete disposal.



12507195 469021666625801 1151043051505211867 nThe "hurricane" always full of ideas Prof. Lev Pupis, the Sequoia saxophones and SOS JUNIOR will be the leading characters during the weekend January 23rd and 24th, 2016 in Bled (Slo) where the 2°AS Festival entirely dedicated to the sax inventor: Adolphe Sax will take place.

The Festival, will be headed by the Prof. Lev Pupis, and will have in its programm masterclass, concerts and various performances for all sax players of any level and genre. The young Slovenian sax players will have moreover the chance to perform, during the concerts, both as soloists and as chamber musicians. Music for all tastes!

Roberto Buttuswill be at the Festival both in order to exhibit the Sequoia saxophones and also to give advices, infos and in "urgent cases" a service of "small" repairs. Enjoy yourself!

Edgar and his free improvisational performance

Our artists are always capable of meeting challenges and Edgar Unterkirchner is sending us a small "jewel". An absolutely free improvisational performance where the saxophone meets poetry, singing and painting for an amazing result.

The olny leit-motiv of these three artists Edgar, the painter Manfred Bockelmann and the lyrical swedish singer Malin Hartelius, will be the poetry of Christine Lavant.  Art doesn't follow fixed patterns and in this situation there's only space for feelings and emotions.

Alessandro Leo in concert with the SpanatOrkestra

ALEX LEO 2 BISNext Sunday November 29, 2015 at 21:00 our artist Alessandro Leo will be exhibiting in a concert Nomadie Sonore with the SpanatOrkestra at the Centro Albero dei Desideri in Montebelluna (TV).

We let them introduce this original project: "Our group was born in 2013 as an acoustic crossover of tracks coming from all over the world. A kind of world tour though natural sound, without electronics and a bit of sense of fun".

We are glad that the Sequia saxophones can be able to be played in new experiments. This conferms that they are deeply versatile.

What else to be said .... absolutely not to be missed! Break a leg, guys!


Lev SOS 2 sitoLev Pupis is a tireless and hardworking artist!

From November 16th to 22nd EMONA 2015 the International Music Festival will take place at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana (Slovenja).

Lev Pupis, founder of EMONA and member of the organizing committee, has been able to make this event become an absolutely "not to be missed" one for all young musicians from Slovenia and not only.

Like him we do believe in youth as well. Young guys are the future and the hope that music will last forever. Thanks Lev for being an educator and not only a teacher!

Vienna, Lev Pupis & SOS JUNIOR = culture, competence & joy


A warm fall, a friendly town surrounded by music everywhere and a group of young musicians ready to show up their artistic skills with their Sequoia saxophones.

Man could feel their emotion and trust at the same time in their conductor and their teachers. The result was amazing.

Great guys, keep up the amazing work! Thanks Lev, for the excellent organization. Your competence and professionalism made the Sequoia saxophones live magic moments. You are amazing, Lev as usual!


lev pupis 4

"These are the days we've been waiting for and days like these you couldn't ask for more ... these are the days we won't regret... " - The Days - Avicii -

We are honoured, we got emotions and a pich of right pride when we communicate that our friend and Sequoia artist, Lev Pupis has been elected member of the International Saxophone Committee.

This is an amazing reward and a great acknowledgement that follow year of hard work, constant study and overwhelming passion for music.

Thanks so much, Lev! You are one of a kind!

October 31st, 2015: the Sequoia saxophones in Vienna

VIENNA SAXOPHONE 2The amazing Haupsburg's town will be hosting at the Mdw the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna next Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 09:00 a.m. to 15:00 (3:00 p.m.) our Sequoia saxophones.

The Sequoia exhibition is part of the event 1.Saxophon-Herbst an der mdw a contest based on concerts, workshops e shows aimed at "the development and understanding of arts".

In contradiction with the austrian composer Arnold Schönberg who stated: "If it is art, it is not for everybody, and if it is for everybody, it is not art" the Mdw, the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, being the Austria's largest cultural institution and organizer of events, feels the burden of using arts to stimulate the dialogue with the public by using movies, music and theatre in order to make the art available to everybody.

 When Austria calls up, the Sequoia saxophones respond! Break a leg!

Missio Morpurgo Duet

MISSIO MORPURGO DUO 2Our versatile artist Federico Missio is inviting us to this event:
Friday, October 9th at the CAUCIGH CAFFE', in via Gemona in Udine
Federico Missio: soprano and tenor together with Riccardo Morpurgo: keyboards
"From Bill Evans to Thelonious Monk, from ancient blues suggestions to revisited Beatles from standards to original tracks and free sound, this duet extends his cross over knowledge by exploring any way of creating interactions with the sound".

Twentysix-Three: Aldevis Tibaldi' new album

ALDEVIS 2The Sequoia artists are leaven for constant projects, works and events.

We proudly take the chance to introduce the new album Twentysix-Three produced by Aldevis Tibaldi, an amazing work where he has decided ... "to crystallize the work made for many years during the concerts with different partners to reproduce in studio all feelings and emotions receive by playing live concerts".

We have the feeling Aldevis really did it!  Listenting to the tracks gives a deep sense of calm, warmth and passion. In few words a sound able to reach the soul!. Fantastic Aldevis!

Just listen to! The CD is also available in vynil. Enjoy it!

Interview to Aldevis and some tracks from Twentysix-Three


FOTO ROSETO OKAs the metronome beats the time, in the same way the world of music is beaten by some special events which mark the beginning and the end of particular moments.

An example is given by the school concert which marks the end of the school and the beginning of the summer as well as the Christmas concert.

The Saxpower in Radenci (Slovenia) will take place this year from August 18 up to 21 and represents for all saxophone players, both beginners and profis, the beginning of a new year in music and at the same time the end of the summer holidays. Radenci, anyway, always remains a date not to be missed for anyone who wants to breath and fully live the world of saxophone.

The Sequoia saxophones together with Roberto Buttus will be there in pole position.


Edgar Unterkirchner 's summer

14 05 01 MG 3653EDGAR 2 BISThe Sequoia artists are in continous movement and Edgar is reserving us an amazing summer full of events;

June 12th, Concert at  Kultursommer St Paul with the swedish sopran singer Malin Hartelius and the organ player Michael Schadler.

July 5th, Concert Schubertreise und Improvisation at Orgelfestival Lockenhaus with Wolfgang Horvath (piano).
And much more, only to be discovered:

The upcoming summer events for Lev SOS Orchestra and Junior (2)

photo 92 2 SOS ORCHESTRA 2A summer full of events absolutely not to be missed:

Tuesday, June 2nd in Celje (Slo)
String orchestra of Celje and Lev Pupis, solista
A. Glazunov: Saxophone concerto in Eflat

Sunday, June 28th in Nova Gorica during the Festival 2015: 19° International Meeting of Saxophone: Concert of SOS & SOS-junior Orchestra

Thursday, July 2nd in Bled
 Opening Concert of the Festival Bled 2015 with SOS-Orchestra

Summer and Music the perfect liaison for an amazing holiday!

Aldevis Tibaldi artistic director of "Bethnal Green in Jazz" in London

ALDEVIS 2Aldevis Tibaldi is the artistic director of the music festival "Bethnal Green in Jazz" which will be held every Friday from May 1 to May 22 at the Oxford House in London.

Four Fridays to listen to four top London jazz groups who will exbibit in their various styles. A chance absolutely not to be missed just to listen to very good music!

On May 15, Aldevis himself will exhibit together with the London Ensemble and meanwhile he will present his new CD.

Good luck, Aldevis! We are looking forward to listening to your new work!

Download this file (OH JAZZ FLYER-1.pdf)OH JAZZ FLYER[ ]2958 kB

From the cycle "Milko Lazar & Matjaž Drevenšek with Guests": amazing concert of S.O.S. Orchestra

photo 92 2 SOS ORCHESTRA 2The medieval castle of Ljubljana will be the amazing scenario for the concert of S.O.S. Orchestra together with the young percussionists of Ljubljana Academy of Music and the pupils of the Velenje Fine Arts High School next Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 19:00.

The concert of S.O.S. Orchestra is included in the programme of five concerts "Milko Lazar & Matjaž Drevenšek with Guests" at the Ljubljana Castle where Milko & Matjaž will use their own instruments as starting point to create a kaleidoscope of compositions across various periods and styles supported in this project by internationally acclaimed colleagues and friends as Zlatko Kaučič, the SOS Saxophone Orchestra, Marko Hatlak, the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Vasilij Meljnikov, Nino de Gleria, Brane Zorman and others.

S.O.S. Orchestra, starting from the traditions of Stravinsky and Ligeti, will present three new works by Slovenian composers especially written for them and for this occasion.

A chance absolutely not to be missed in order to discover the union of dance and ethno in art music.

We wish you all the best, guys! We are very proud of you!

Lev Pupis upcoming events

Lev SOS 2 sitoHere the not to be missed upcoming events of Lev Pupis:

he will be present at the SVIREL 7° International Music Competition and Festival for Soloists and chamber Groups.

Lev will be both member of the jury during the competition and an artist. In fact on Monday April 6th at the St. Giles Church (Slo) at 08:00 p.m. he will be exhibiting together with Great Saxess and Bence Szepesi an Hungarian saxophonist.

Moreover together with the artists Matjaž Drevenšek e Gašper Primožič, Lev will held the Easter Concert at 08:00 at Santa Martina Church in the amazing town of Bled (Slo).

We wish all the best Lev! You are always one of a kind!


Alessandro Leo and his new project

ALEX LEO 2 BISAlessandro Leo has invited all of us to his new project:

"Izakaya Monogatari: Garden of Love with Alessandro Leo"

"Next Friday, March 27th 2015 is starting a new project @ Ikiya.

We would be pleased to introduce you the many aspects of the izakaya, the typical japanese "pubs" through combinations, experiments and some more.

A "monogatari", a "story" is starting and each month will suggest a concert with a special selection of sake and japanese appetizers and snacks.

Next Friday, March 27th at 09.00 p.m. we will be waiting for you together with Alessandro Leo and his Garden of Love, where the traditional japanese music will be rearranged for saxophone and video performance".

And we will constantly be the great supporters of your projects! Congratulations!

Lev Pupis & Roberto Buttus together at Sax Fest 2015

Lev SOS 2 sitoOn Friday, January 30th and Saturday, January 31st will take place the masterclass Sax Fest 2015 held by Prof. Lev Pupis at the new music shop Lastra Company in Mengeš (Slo).

Roberto Buttus will be there not only offering a service of assistance and sax repair but also exhibiting the Sequoia saxophones.

The climaz will be reached with the concert of Friday at 7:00 p.m when Lev with his soprano and alto, Jovana Joka with her bariton and Gašper Primožič with his accordion will held and emotional concert.

Thank you guys for being musicians able to communicate passion and emotion!

Download this file (image-0001jpeg.jpg)Sax Fest 2015[ ]2271 kB

James Thompson & Sequoia Saxophones: magic & goose-pimples!

JAMES THOMPSON 2 OKA myth, a legend of jazz music, the well-known saxophonist of Zucchero and Paolo Conte, Mr. James Thompson has crossed the threshold of Buttus workshop, together with Angelo Chiocca, and has played the Sequoia saxophones.

The palpable emotion, the joy and enthusiasm that James has awaken in all staff have been unique.

An amazing, funny and friendly person able to offer by playing the Sequoia sax moments of magic, emotion and goose-pimples.

Thanks James, you are one of a kind and it was an honour listening to you!

We confirmed the truth of R. Wagner's quotation:"where the power of words stops, the music begins".

Angelo Chiocca and MONO Band on tour

111 SIP phMassimoGoina CHIOCCA 2 OKFour unforgettable nights the ones our versatile sax player Angelo Chiocca and his MONO Band will reserve to us together with two international guests; the amazing folk singer from Atlantawinner of one Grammy Award Gwen Hughes and the legendary, well-known sax player of Zucchero, Platter and Paolo Conte Mr. James Thompson.

They will start on Jamuard 23rd in  Ajdovščina (Slo) at Bar Hiša Mladih to carry on January 24th in Polzela (Slo) at Kulturni Dom, on January 25th at Narodni Dom in Mežica (Slo) and closing night January 27th at Kulturni Dom in Domžale (Slo).

 Absolutely not to be missed! Thank you so much Angelo!

Download this file (manifesto tour.jpg)Angelo Chiocca & MONO BAND Tour[ ]95 kB

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Sequoia Friends,
we have stored on your account nr. 2015 at the Happiness Bank, 365 days of health, luck and love.
Enjoy yourself in drying up your account! : ) : )
We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

ico italian ico english

Edgar Unterkirchner's Christmas concerts

14-05-01 MG 3636 EDGAR 1BISEvents full of emotions and enchantment! Here there are Edgar's Christmas concerts: absolutely not to be missed!

Sunday December 14th at 15:00 at the Stiftskirche St. Paul:


Edgar Unterkirchne (sax) Michael Schadler (organ) Kärntner Viergesang MGV Kaning

Tuesday December 16th at 19:00 at Markussaal in Wolfsberg

"LICHT & DUNKELHEIT" Poetry, Music and Dance in Dialogue

Text of: Christine LavantGeorg Trakl, R.M. Rilke with Hildegard Gritsch (Reading), Anita Gritsch (Percussion, Voice and Dance),Edgar Unterkirchner (Sax)

Entry: 10,-



Download this file (ATT2.jpg)LICHT & DUNKELHEIT[ ]100 kB

Alessandro Leo & Musicalmente Abili

ALEX LEO 2 BISWe are pleased to present an event particularly important for our Sequoia artist Alessandro Leo who is personally introducing it:

"WHEN THE SCHOOL TEACHES MUSIC... THE MUSIC CREATES ALL THE REST". It's known that all musical activities positively affect kids with disabilities. Not only music creates relationships but also stimulates creativity, helps them to freely express themselves by increasing their self-esteem... music consolidate self-confidence, socialisation and helps to overcome all frailties.

Since 2012 Alessandro Leo has been working with Prof. Ilario Carrer and all his staff to create events aiming at sensitizing music and disability.

You are all invited next Wednesday December 3rd at 20:30 at the Teatro Busan in Mogliano Veneto (TV) for the concert "MusicalmenteAbili".

Thanks Alessandro for your sensitivity and attention ... because "what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we do not do it the ocean will have a drop less".

A dream come true

14-05-01 MG 3653EDGAR 2 BISThe duo Unterkirchner/Horvath presents Schubert in an unusual role.

No limits for the Sequoia artist and Edgar represents a glaring example!

Since 2007 Edgar, together wih the piano player Wolfang Horvath, has been working on an unusual project: to propose again the music of Schubert with sax and piano. The untiring and constant search for the ideal sound, the intense experimentation and some journeys in Italy at Roberto Buttus' worshop, able to listen to and customize Edgar's Sequoia sax, have taken a dream to become true.

A special event that also the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation OE1.ORF.AT suggests.

Congratulations! We are proud and honoured to be part of this success!

Edgar Unterkirchner's Advent 2014

14-05-01 MG 3653EDGAR 2 BISA busy period full of concerts is the Advent 2014 for our Sequoia artist Edgar Unterkirchner...... music, music and still music!

He will be starting on Saturday November 29th at 6.30 p.m. with the Advent Concert in Raiding (AT) at the Lisztzentrum.

An event absolutely not to be missed!

Edgar Unterkirchner (Saxophon)

Elisabeth Pratscher, Ricarda Glatz (Sopran)

Herbert Fruhmann (Tenor)

Musica Sacra Lockenhaus (Chor)

Kammerphilharmonie Lockenhaus (Ensemble)

Wolfgang Horvath (Director)





During the celebrations for the bicentenary of Adolphe Sax birthday, the belgian inventor of saxophone, the SOS Orchestra together with SOS Junior will be playing together in a wonderful concert at 5.00 p.m. at the Festival Hall in Bled (Slo).

Before the concert there will be the Opening of an Exhibition dedicated to Adolphe Sax and the welcome of the belgian ambassor Mr. Paul jansen at 4.00 p.m.

The whole day will offer concerts, workshops and events ... a chance absolutely not to be missed in order to enter the world of saxophones and the Sequoia saxophones will be the honoured members!


SaxIstra and the Sequoia saxophones


SaxIstra Sequoia 2014: a young competition based on a lot of music and great friendship is taking place in Fažana (HR) at Fažana Multimedia Center.

The gold medal will receive a saxophone Sequoia K85 Classic ... the Sequoia saxophones alway frontline!!

All the best guys! Just take this chance as a moment of professional and personal growth.

Download this file (PLAKAT EN.pdf)SaxIstra Sequoia 2014[ ]7137 kB


4saxess 2November 2014 is a month full of events for Lev Pupis and 4Saxess

The versatile quartet 4Saxess capable of matching different styles from classic music to modern up to jazz, etno and crossover will be helding concerts together with prestigious artists of international music world.

They will be starting next Monday November, 10 at 08.15 p.m. at the Kulturni Dom in Nova Gorica (Slo) playing together with famous flute players like Carlo Jans and Liza Hawlina Prešiček and the harpsichord player Tomaž Sevšek.

During the event EMONA FESTIVAL, the International Festiva of Music held in Ljubljana (Slo) at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet from November 7 to 13, the 4Saxess will be exhibiting next tuesday November. 11 at 07.00 p.m.

Absolutely no to be missed because they are able to create emotions, to rapture the soul and communicate great passion for music!!

Last but not least! The important concert which will be held in Bled (Slo) next November 30, during the celebration for the bicentennary birth of Adolphe Sax.

The Sequoia saxophones at the Fair "Music Austria"

IMG 0102 SITOThe lovely town of Ried im Innkreis, located in the eastern part of Upper Austria, is hosting from 2nd to 5th October 2014, the Fair Music Austria an event completely dedicated to the world of music and musicians. In a modern and friendly location profis and not will have the chance to know and test all news.

Roberto Buttus will be exhibiting the complete range of Sequoia saxophones for the whole Fair period. It'is a chance absolutely not to be missed in order to better know and appreciate the "sound coming from the soul".

We will be expecting you! Do not miss it!

Edgar Unterkirchner & Sequoia: a winning bond at the New York Film Festival 2014

14-05-01 MG 3636 EDGAR 1BIS"The soul asks for, the music answers"... this is the way Edgar Unterkirchner has won together with his Sequoia sax the New York Film Fesival.

Edgar indeed has written and performed the music of the film "Zeichen gegen das Vergessen" (Drawing against Oblivion) creating, thanks to his genius and sensitivity, an incredible emotion facing a still devastating theme.... watch it, listen to believe and....

Thanks Edgar for being able to make us think about in silence! Good luck for your future plans!

Sequoia saxophones in the land of Chopin: Poland

Roberto Buttus and his Sequoia saxophones lived an unforgettable experience in the period from July 14 to 21.

An invitation, a proposal which immediately became a challenge to wide the horizon. Introducing the Sequoia saxophones during the Summer Workshop in Szczecinek (Poland)

The warm welcome, the enthusiasm both of participants and teachers were so much enrapturing that a new challenge is born.... the Sequoia saxophones cannot stay closed in a workshop!

Follow us on Facebook: Szczecinek Summer Saxophone Workshops

First Prize and Exhibition of Sequoia Saxophones in Nichelino (TO)

The Sequoia Saxophones together with Roberto Buttus will be leaders at the International Competition "Marco Fiorindo".

Upcoming December 4th to 6th, during the International Music Competition "Marco Fiorindo", the saxophones Sequoia will be the leading characters. Not only because the First Prize will be a Soprano Sequoia mod. Silver but also the complete range of saxophones will be presented by roberto Buttus on December 4th and 5th.

Once more the Sequoia saxophones in pole position!

Roberto Buttus on Radio Sorriso talking about the sax world

Roberto Buttus the well known master repairman of wind instruments in Friuli as well as sax manufacturer will be talking about the versatile world of saxophones during an interview on Radio Sorriso.

He will be on air on Friday May 30 from 14:00 to 15:00 and back in reply on Saturday May 30 from 15: to 16:00.

It's a great chance to enter and discover a fascinating and also mysterious world where passion, creativity, commitment and manual dexterity create a medley for a special result: the saxophone!

The soprano Sequoia at the LIVEKOM014

andrea innesto3 SITOWhat a satisfaction .... close to shiver!! The soprano Sequoia at the Livekom014!

Andrea Innesto "Cucchia" with his soprano Sequoia lemon will be the absolutely main character tonight July 14th, and in all other dates (July 5-9-10) on San Siro stage for the most powerfula and emotion rock show: the LIVEKOM014 the amazing and constantly sold out concert of the italian rocker Vasco Rossi!

Thank you so much Andrea! You are amazing!!

Alessandro Leo in "Epifanie Baritonali"

ALEX LEO 2 BISNext Sunday May 25, 2014 at 21:00 (9.00 p.m.) at the Centro Polifunzionale "Albero dei Desideri" the Sequoia artist Alessandro Leo will be presenting in cooperation with the author Antonella Chionna a literary and musical Reading "Epifanie Baritonali" where poetry & musica will be melting together ".... in the present: here and now".

Do not miss such a magic!

Follow us on Facebook: Epifanie Baritonali

Angelo Chiocca & the S.I.P. Band

111 SIP phMassimoGoina CHIOCCA 2 OKNext Saturday May 31, 2014 surrounded by Piazza Unità d'Italia in Trieste, the volcanic artist Angelo Chiocca will be exhibiting agian with the S.I.P. Band during the event "TRIESTE SUONA IN ROSA - ASPETTANDO IL GIRO D'ITALIA".

A special eventing with good music and shopping waiting for the last lap of the Tour of Italy.

The event will start at 21:30 (9.30 p.m.) not miss it!!

Angelo Chiocca in concert with Leroy Emmanuel

111 SIP phMassimoGoina CHIOCCA 2 OKAn amazing concert for our artist Angelo Chiocca who will be exhibiting with Leroy Emmanuel a timeless myth, a legend, the history of soul & black music.

An extraordinare chance to be part of a magicl, intense and fascinating moment during the San Vito Blues & Soul Festival on Wednesday August 6th at 21:00 (9.00 p.m.) at the Sala Polifunzionale of San Vito di Cadore (BL). Do not miss it!!

Angelo, you are our myth! You are part of the great history called Black Music too!

Lev Pupis & 4Saxess in concert in Munich

4saxess 2LEV PUPIS together with his quartet 4Saxess will be exhibiting in a concert on Friday May 16th at the Kleiner Konzertsaal at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Muenchen.

A rich program for a fascinating and excellent concert .... as usual!!

Not to be missed!


Sequoia saxophones in Budapest


During this weekend the most beautiful town on Danube, as the Italian writer Claudio Magris said, is hosting the Sequoia saxophones together with Roberto Buttus.

With his inseparable Sequoia sax there will also be there as leader of a Masterclass and in concert with S.O.S. Orchestra, our artist Lev Pupis.

The Sequoia saxophones are great travellers .... now unstoppable!!


Lev Pupis in concert

levLev Pupis and his unstoppable rhythm!

Here his upcoming events:

  6th May Celje, SLO (concert with S.O.S. Orchestra)
 10th May Budapest, Hungary (masterclass and concert with Budapest sax quartet)


  16th May München, Germany (concert with 4saxess)

Thank you, Lev for giving Sequoia saxophones an international life!!

Alessandro Leo in "Adiafora"

ALEX LEO 2 BISAn event absolutely not to be missed!! Alessandro Leo main saxophone player for the singer Antonella Chionna:

ON SUNDAY MAY 4th 2014


by Antonella Chionna        

Antonella Chionna - voice singer
Alessandro Leo - saxophonist
Antonello Losacco - bass
Mauro Gatto - drums
We wish you great success and all the best for the future ... always with Sequoia saxophones!

More infos and bookings:
H•DEMIA Fonderia dello Spettacolo
tel. 0422-423692 mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Download this file (ADIAFORA.jpg)Alessandro Leo & Antonella Chionna[ ]44 kB

Aldevis Tibaldi's concerts

546887 453957321323124 725668579 nAldevisHere below concerts and events concerning Aldevis Tibaldi ... some of them already happened, some others not to be missed:

20/4: Dave Hammer's Little Big Horns @ The White Hart, Stepney, London
23/4: David Hawthorne quartet @ Heathcote Arms, Leytonstone
25/4: Stan Reynolds Bid Band @ Imber Court, East Molesey, Surrey
26/4: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London
27/4: Dave Hammer's Little Big Horns @ Ivy House, Nunhead, London
2/5: David Hawthorne @ Heathcote Arms, Leytonstone
3/5: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London
10/5: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London
17/5: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London
24/5: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London
25/5: Dave hammer's Little Big Horns @ The White Hart, Tulse Hill, London
31/5: Paul Rhodes band @ Cecil's London

Enjoy yourself Aldevis!!

"Floodtide project" with Aldevis Tibaldi

546887 453957321323124 725668579 nAldevisSequoia artists are constantly looking for new project and emotions.

Aldevis Tibaldi is one of the best testimonals. Last 20th-21st April he successfully took part to a brand new project called "Floodtide project" held in Greenwich (UK) at National Martime Museum.

Floodtide by John Eacott makes music from the movement of tidal water. A submerged sensor gathers information from the didal flow that is converted into musical notation read from screens or mobile phones by musicians. From this point ahead there's freedom of expression ... and Aldevis was a lively participant.

Great!! Thanks a lot Aldevis!

Lev Pupis in Jastrebarsko (HR)

levFrom April 14th to 17th the amazing town of Jastrebarsko in Croatia is host ing a Masterclass of saxophone whose leader, Lev Pupis together with his Sequoia will be able to caputre and rapture the yong participants.

Relevant guests will turn over during the whole week and in the end there will be a concert held by S.O.S. Orchestra.

A great chance to learn music by having fun!

S.O.S. Orchestra & S.O.S. Junior


A cheerful atmosphere wrapped the meeting held in Velenje (SLO) last Saturday March 15, 2014 between S.O.S. Orchestra and the young S.O.S. JUNIOR. The young musicians wisely guided by M° Mitja Zerial worked hard on Ensemble Music.

Experience and enthusiasm melt together to give birth to a music cocktail full of coulour and nuances. Thank you guys!

Lev Pupis at the Sax-Marathon in Graz


Next March 17th, 2014 the University of Music in Graz (Austria) is hosting Lev Pupis & 4Saxess for an interesting workshop during the Sax- Marathon.

 An unmissable chance to live a moment of passion, enthusiam and sax culture.

Sequoia Sax in Velenje with S.O.S. & S.O.S. JUNIOR

sos junior LOGO A2March 15th, 2014. The Glasbena Sola in Velenje (SLO) exhibits the Sequoia saxophones for the whole day. This is a good chance to visit "the Sequoia world"!

During the day there will be an unmissable event: S.O.S Orchestra & S.O.S Junior will be playing together in a concert. The strength of experience and the young enthusiasm melt to give life to an inimitable exhibition.

Thank you guys!

Alessandro Leo presents: INTERSECTIONS

On Friday March 7th, 2014 Alessandro Leo presents:


A unique event where words, pictures and music meet together in a trialogue.

The event takes place at: CAVASTROPOI Petit Bistrot at 07.30 p.m.

We will be expecting you!ALEX LEO 2 BIS

Alessandro Leo's workshops

ALEX LEO 2 BISAn intense and richful carnet is the one expecting the artist Alessandro Leo who will give the chance, together with his workshops, to whom it may desire to get closer to the saxophone world.

A chance absolutely not to be missed! Thanks Master Leo!

Download this file (untitled.png)Easy Music Theory Intro[ ]170 kB



The concert will be based on the Dvorak and Schostakovitch repertoire. Absolutely no to be missed!

New Year's Eve with Angelo Chiocca


Angelo Chiocca will be waiting for you together with his involving S.I.P. BAND in Trieste in Piazza Unità d'Italia on Tuesday December 31st starting from 08.30 p.m. to cheer and toast at the New Year.

An amazing location for a concert not to be missed!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

20131219 125236 natale 2013"Remember if you are not able to find the Christmas spirit in your heart, for sure you won't be able to find it under a Christmas tree". Charlotte Carpenter

Good Music to everybody!

Roberto Buttus & team

The Sequoia saxophones and Roberto Buttus in Istrana (TV)


Roberto Buttus master craftsman, repairer of wind instruments and the mind of Sequoia saxophones will held a Masterclass concerning "The Construction and Maintenance of a Saxophone" next 23rd and 24th November 2013 at Cà Celsi in Istrana (TV).

This will be a great moment to listen to and test the complete range of Sequoia saxophones which will be shown for the entire weekend.

Master Alessandro Leo author and supporter of this event will exhibit in a "Recital per Saxofono" on Sunday November 24th at 11.00 a.m.

Do not miss it .... this will be a special moment to enjoy th Sequoia sound!


Sequoia sax on Twitter!

Sequoia saxophones are part of the social network!

We are on Twitter @sequoiasax

If you like to be informed on all news just ...  FOLLOW us!

Do not miss it! Stay tuned!

New Sequoia Dealer in Tuscany

Further to the amazing success obtained from audience and critics during the Seqquoia saxophones exhibition in Camaiore (Tuscany) last October 19th we are pleased and highly proud to announce the opening of a new Sequoia point of sale in Tuscany.

Sequoia Saxophones in Tuscany


The workshop "Riparazioni Strumenti Musicali" di Alessio GRILLI is hosting next October 19th for the whole day Roberto Buttus and the complete range of Sequoia saxophones

Bibione hosts Federico Missio in concert



In the sunny and pleasant bathing place Bibione, in the Venice district, next Sunday 25th August the Sequoia artist Federico Missio will exibit in concert together with Sparkling Organ Quartet feat. David Boato.





Andrea Innesto & Vasco Rossi

andrea 2June 2013

Andrea Innesto leading sax player for the Italian Rocker Vasco Rossi and his Sequoia Booster at the concerts LiveKom 2013.

A revealing example how versatile the Sequoia sax is!


The upcoming summer events for Lev SOS Orchestra and Junior (2)

photo 92 2 SOS ORCHESTRA 2A summer full of events absolutely not to be missed:

Tuesday, June 2nd in Celje (Slo)
String orchestra of Celje and Lev Pupis, solista
A. Glazunov: Saxophone concerto in Eflat

Sunday, June 28th in Nova Gorica during the Festival 2015: 19° International Meeting of Saxophone: Concert of SOS & SOS-junior Orchestra

Thursday, July 2nd in Bled
 Opening Concert of the Festival Bled 2015 with SOS-Orchestra

Summer and Music the perfect liaison for an amazing holiday!

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