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Why Sequoia

part1-300x213Hundreds of musical instruments have existed on the market ... why should we introduce a new saxophone?

An apparently easy question sparks up interest. A project that started in the 80s called "Sequoia project" has slowly made its way to becoming a well esteemed instrument.

Roberto Buttus, author and founder of the "Sequoia project" together with Marcel Jansen have trasured their experience both as respected repair men of wind instruments in Europe. Working side by side with musicians they have produced a new wind instrument able to satisfy and nourish the souls of both beginners and professional musicians.

While creating the sequoia saxophone it has been wisely taken into consideration the point of view given by the audience as taken for granted that the perception of a sound is fundamentally a personnel experience.

Through acting upon the initial sensation of" I like it" or" I don't like it", we have obtained an instrument capable of communicating great vitality, fascination, rapture and movement inside all souls in their deepest corner thanks to a particularly sharp groove.

The Sequoia project's leit-motiv says:

Take your sax play it and just be yourself because you play the way you are.

Each instrument expresses feeling from the depth of the soul , the mood, the energy of its player and in its peculiarity the saxophone Sequoia is full of adaptability by answering to the players request who can mould it as the potter moulds clay.

Sequoia the sound coming from the soul ...

part2-300x207The sax Sequoia possesses intonation, easiness in blowing, homogenity and great versatility.
These characteristics have been confirmed bye great musicians who after testing the sax Sequoia expressed:

The soprano Sequoia has created such an impact on me with its intonation, focus and incredible sound that I would recommend it to any musician.
"Sequoia saxophones are a great purchase for us musicians not only for their undeniable quality but, I think, the most important quality is they have been patented and projected by a master who simply loves music and saxophone players".

Giving further explanations about Sequoia saxophones could be reductive and redundant because the only desire of these saxophones is "to be played" ... in fact "... where the power of words stops, the music begins". (R. Wagner)