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S.O.S. Orchestra

photo-92 2 SOS ORCHESTRA 2A hot summer night last 2010, a relaxing dinner at Roberto's home with some friends and musicians from Slovenia and Croatia when suddenly a flash in the eyes: "Why don't we put together our instrumens, our skills, the pleasure of staying together and create a small orchestra or better a workshop of ideas where anyone can test and put at disposal for other people hiw own way of "being an artist?" That's it! The S.O.S Orchestra was born!

The new and brave project takes shape and in June 2011 at Kulturni Dom in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) the first concert takes place.

An amazing success! The first of many others ... and magic is in each member of the Orchestra capable of join together their own skills to give life to unique emotions.

They confirm the motto: "when differece becomes richness".

Link: S.O.S. Orchestra

Listen to them to get emotions: