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Fabrizio D'Alisera

sequoia tenor 2 fabrizioFABRIZIO D'ALISERA a musician, refined Italian saxophone player. Great lover of tenor sax tradition.

He begins very young playing classical guitar but later he becomes fond of jazz music and the tenor sax becomes his basic instrument.

In 2004 he won a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston and this experience becomes the launching pad for future important exibitions: Casa del Jazz, Umbria Jazz Festival.....

In 2011 Fabrizio shots his first record "Mr. Jobhopper" and obtained the esteem of international importance like Emanuele Cisi and Max Ionata together with the reward "Jazz it likes it".
He is one of the selected musicians taking part to the XIII edition of Biennale dei giovani artisti d'Europa e Mediterraneo".


 How Fabrizio tells his Sequoia Saxophones:

As soon as I tried the saxophones Sequoia, I immediately realised the great quality of this project. A timbre full of overtones, highly sharp in intonation together with an ergonomic and fluent mechanics. The Tenor Lemon (Unlacquered) has wide and powerful sound, a hardy and solid low register but spontaneous in blowing at the same time. The Soprano Lemon (Unlacquered) is the instrument that mostly captured my attention: it keeps a great tuneful richness and depth on all register with a peculiar and personal voice. The sound never sharpens even on high register where the sound often impoverishes in overtones and volume. It has great focus and timbre flexibility, I would advice it to anyone.

Follow Fabrizio in his review, including an audio/video clip, introducing the Sequoia Tenor (Unlacquered) and Soprano Lemon (Unlacquered):