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Aldevis Tibaldi

ALDEVIS 2ALDEVIS TIBALDI is an Italian saxophone player, composer producer and arranger.
He begins his carreer as a classical musician and teacher to develop later a strong interest in jazz music.

He is a versatile and cosmopolitan artist capable of drawing and customising any sound catched from any experience personally lived in any environment both musical and not.

At the moment he lives in London, in constant contact with worldwide musical expressions.


Would I buy a Sequoia tenor if I were not an endorser?Absolutely yes! The Sequoia tenor gives me an incredible dynamic range. It plays beautifully in tune. Excellent action out of the box (my specimen hasn't been tweaked by Mr. Buttus especially for me). I am developing my own sound on it. I have had a good impression since the very beginning, but now it starts feeling "mine".

 Listen to Aldevis during a couple of his jam sessons: