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Edgar Unterkirchner

14-05-01 MG 3636 EDGAR 1BISEDGAR UNTERKIRCHNER an Austrian musician, saxophone player and composer.

He is a versatile and lively artist. He moves himself in different styles and plans because he thinks: "art must not remain closed in a drawer and less than ever the joy of playing music".

Capable of customise and jam music, he gives music the capacity of becoming bridge amont different cultures.

How Edgar tells his Sequoia Soprano saxophone:

A customised sound is basic for me as a musician. The Sequoia saxophones (n.d.r. Soprano Lemon (Unlacquered)) are capable of giving me freedom and inner life together with a stable and wide intonation, hergonomie and sound blowing. They are a product obtained from the great experience and knowledge of Roberto Buttus and Marcel Jansen. I consider them qualified and professional, capable of putting together their know-how and a quality I think fundamental: passion and love for the saxophone and the sound.

Dive in a sound capable of "relaxing the soul".