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Angelo Chiocca

111 SIP phMassimoGoina CHIOCCA 2 OKANGELO CHIOCCA is a lively and volcanic italian artist. He is able to "fill" any place with his ravishing presence. He is a real "tsunami" of blues music, a polyedric artist with a "black soul".

Further to a period of active cooperation with the Model "T" Band, a group from Milan, a reference for the Italian blues, Angelo takes the decision of going back to Trieste where he joins the B.L.U.E.S. ETC. BAND of Mike Sponza. Together with him he starts a 10-year-journey around Europe by exhibiting in clubs and prestigious competitions.

Angelo anyway is an artist in constant movement and always looking for something more so together with his friend Tomi Puric they give life to the BLUEANGEL GANG and later the S.I.P BAND, a band playing a repertoire of funky, disco '70. Moreover the band is proud of cooperating together with musicians such as James Thompson, Al Castellana, Leroy Emmanuel, Eddie "CAT" Catalini.



 Angelo comments his Sequoia Tenor Red Booster:

I have chosen the Red Booster for its amazing ergonomy, its focused and powerful sound, its responsiveness and why not ... a ravishing look! I think for people like me who work with brass sections, the Red Booster is the right sax since its power does not let it down against the brasses, and i does not need an excessive amount of air to be heard. With my setup I get a rich and cutting sound. If payed with a hard rubber mouthpiece you may get a warmer and mellower sound. I would say.. an all-round sax!!!

 Listen to Angelo and his enthusiasm together with the S.I.P. BAND


 .... here with James Thompson in "Night Train" ..... amazing!