Sequoia saxophone was born from a dream, an intuition and the great passion of Roberto Buttus, owner of the homonym workshop, who after a long experience of wind instruments repair, has decided to "put himself in the front-line" by creating an original instrument closer both to professional musicans'requirements and to beginners equally moved by the beauty of music.

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James Thompson & Sequoia Saxophones: magic & goose-pimples!

JAMES THOMPSON 2 OKA myth, a legend of jazz music, the well-known saxophonist of Zucchero and Paolo Conte, Mr. James Thompson has crossed the threshold of Buttus workshop, together with Angelo Chiocca, and has played the Sequoia saxophones.

The palpable emotion, the joy and enthusiasm that James has awaken in all staff have been unique.

An amazing, funny and friendly person able to offer by playing the Sequoia sax moments of magic, emotion and goose-pimples.

Thanks James, you are one of a kind and it was an honour listening to you!

We confirmed the truth of R. Wagner's quotation:"where the power of words stops, the music begins".

Angelo Chiocca and MONO Band on tour

111 SIP phMassimoGoina CHIOCCA 2 OKFour unforgettable nights the ones our versatile sax player Angelo Chiocca and his MONO Band will reserve to us together with two international guests; the amazing folk singer from Atlantawinner of one Grammy Award Gwen Hughes and the legendary, well-known sax player of Zucchero, Platter and Paolo Conte Mr. James Thompson.

They will start on Jamuard 23rd in  Ajdovščina (Slo) at Bar Hiša Mladih to carry on January 24th in Polzela (Slo) at Kulturni Dom, on January 25th at Narodni Dom in Mežica (Slo) and closing night January 27th at Kulturni Dom in Domžale (Slo).

 Absolutely not to be missed! Thank you so much Angelo!

Download this file (manifesto tour.jpg)Angelo Chiocca & MONO BAND Tour[ ]95 kB

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Sequoia Friends,
we have stored on your account nr. 2015 at the Happiness Bank, 365 days of health, luck and love.
Enjoy yourself in drying up your account! : ) : )
We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Edgar Unterkirchner's Christmas concerts

14-05-01 MG 3636 EDGAR 1BISEvents full of emotions and enchantment! Here there are Edgar's Christmas concerts: absolutely not to be missed!

Sunday December 14th at 15:00 at the Stiftskirche St. Paul:


Edgar Unterkirchne (sax) Michael Schadler (organ) Kärntner Viergesang MGV Kaning

Tuesday December 16th at 19:00 at Markussaal in Wolfsberg

"LICHT & DUNKELHEIT" Poetry, Music and Dance in Dialogue

Text of: Christine LavantGeorg Trakl, R.M. Rilke with Hildegard Gritsch (Reading), Anita Gritsch (Percussion, Voice and Dance),Edgar Unterkirchner (Sax)

Entry: 10,-



Download this file (ATT2.jpg)LICHT & DUNKELHEIT[ ]100 kB

Alessandro Leo & Musicalmente Abili

ALEX LEO 2 BISWe are pleased to present an event particularly important for our Sequoia artist Alessandro Leo who is personally introducing it:

"WHEN THE SCHOOL TEACHES MUSIC... THE MUSIC CREATES ALL THE REST". It's known that all musical activities positively affect kids with disabilities. Not only music creates relationships but also stimulates creativity, helps them to freely express themselves by increasing their self-esteem... music consolidate self-confidence, socialisation and helps to overcome all frailties.

Since 2012 Alessandro Leo has been working with Prof. Ilario Carrer and all his staff to create events aiming at sensitizing music and disability.

You are all invited next Wednesday December 3rd at 20:30 at the Teatro Busan in Mogliano Veneto (TV) for the concert "MusicalmenteAbili".

Thanks Alessandro for your sensitivity and attention ... because "what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we do not do it the ocean will have a drop less".