Sequoia saxophone was born from a dream, an intuition and the great passion of Roberto Buttus, owner of the homonym workshop, who after a long experience of wind instruments repair, has decided to "put himself in the front-line" by creating an original instrument closer both to professional musicans'requirements and to beginners equally moved by the beauty of music.

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Lev Pupis upcoming events

Lev SOS 2 sitoHere the not to be missed upcoming events of Lev Pupis:

he will be present at the SVIREL 7° International Music Competition and Festival for Soloists and chamber Groups.

Lev will be both member of the jury during the competition and an artist. In fact on Monday April 6th at the St. Giles Church (Slo) at 08:00 p.m. he will be exhibiting together with Great Saxess and Bence Szepesi an Hungarian saxophonist.

Moreover together with the artists Matjaž Drevenšek e Gašper Primožič, Lev will held the Easter Concert at 08:00 at Santa Martina Church in the amazing town of Bled (Slo).

We wish all the best Lev! You are always one of a kind!


Alessandro Leo and his new project

ALEX LEO 2 BISAlessandro Leo has invited all of us to his new project:

"Izakaya Monogatari: Garden of Love with Alessandro Leo"

"Next Friday, March 27th 2015 is starting a new project @ Ikiya.

We would be pleased to introduce you the many aspects of the izakaya, the typical japanese "pubs" through combinations, experiments and some more.

A "monogatari", a "story" is starting and each month will suggest a concert with a special selection of sake and japanese appetizers and snacks.

Next Friday, March 27th at 09.00 p.m. we will be waiting for you together with Alessandro Leo and his Garden of Love, where the traditional japanese music will be rearranged for saxophone and video performance".

And we will constantly be the great supporters of your projects! Congratulations!

Lev Pupis & Roberto Buttus together at Sax Fest 2015

Lev SOS 2 sitoOn Friday, January 30th and Saturday, January 31st will take place the masterclass Sax Fest 2015 held by Prof. Lev Pupis at the new music shop Lastra Company in Mengeš (Slo).

Roberto Buttus will be there not only offering a service of assistance and sax repair but also exhibiting the Sequoia saxophones.

The climaz will be reached with the concert of Friday at 7:00 p.m when Lev with his soprano and alto, Jovana Joka with her bariton and Gašper Primožič with his accordion will held and emotional concert.

Thank you guys for being musicians able to communicate passion and emotion!

Download this file (image-0001jpeg.jpg)Sax Fest 2015[ ]2271 kB

James Thompson & Sequoia Saxophones: magic & goose-pimples!

JAMES THOMPSON 2 OKA myth, a legend of jazz music, the well-known saxophonist of Zucchero and Paolo Conte, Mr. James Thompson has crossed the threshold of Buttus workshop, together with Angelo Chiocca, and has played the Sequoia saxophones.

The palpable emotion, the joy and enthusiasm that James has awaken in all staff have been unique.

An amazing, funny and friendly person able to offer by playing the Sequoia sax moments of magic, emotion and goose-pimples.

Thanks James, you are one of a kind and it was an honour listening to you!

We confirmed the truth of R. Wagner's quotation:"where the power of words stops, the music begins".