Sequoia saxophone was born from a dream, an intuition and the great passion of Roberto Buttus, owner of the homonym workshop, who after a long experience of wind instruments repair, has decided to "put himself in the front-line" by creating an original instrument closer both to professional musicans'requirements and to beginners equally moved by the beauty of music.

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Sequoia saxophones in the land of Chopin: Poland

Roberto Buttus and his Sequoia saxophones lived an unforgettable experience in the period from July 14 to 21.

An invitation, a proposal which immediately became a challenge to wide the horizon. Introducing the Sequoia saxophones during the Summer Workshop in Szczecinek (Poland)

The warm welcome, the enthusiasm both of participants and teachers were so much enrapturing that a new challenge is born.... the Sequoia saxophones cannot stay closed in a workshop!

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First Prize and Exhibition of Sequoia Saxophones in Nichelino (TO)

The Sequoia Saxophones together with Roberto Buttus will be leaders at the International Competition "Marco Fiorindo".

Upcoming December 4th to 6th, during the International Music Competition "Marco Fiorindo", the saxophones Sequoia will be the leading characters. Not only because the First Prize will be a Soprano Sequoia mod. Silver but also the complete range of saxophones will be presented by roberto Buttus on December 4th and 5th.

Once more the Sequoia saxophones in pole position!

Roberto Buttus on Radio Sorriso talking about the sax world

Roberto Buttus the well known master repairman of wind instruments in Friuli as well as sax manufacturer will be talking about the versatile world of saxophones during an interview on Radio Sorriso.

He will be on air on Friday May 30 from 14:00 to 15:00 and back in reply on Saturday May 30 from 15: to 16:00.

It's a great chance to enter and discover a fascinating and also mysterious world where passion, creativity, commitment and manual dexterity create a medley for a special result: the saxophone!