Sequoia saxophone was born from a dream, an intuition and the great passion of Roberto Buttus, owner of the homonym workshop, who after a long experience of wind instruments repair, has decided to "put himself in the front-line" by creating an original instrument closer both to professional musicans'requirements and to beginners equally moved by the beauty of music.

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Twentysix-Three: Aldevis Tibaldi' new album

ALDEVIS 2The Sequoia artists are leaven for constant projects, works and events.

We proudly take the chance to introduce the new album Twentysix-Three produced by Aldevis Tibaldi, an amazing work where he has decided ... "to crystallize the work made for many years during the concerts with different partners to reproduce in studio all feelings and emotions receive by playing live concerts".

We have the feeling Aldevis really did it!  Listenting to the tracks gives a deep sense of calm, warmth and passion. In few words a sound able to reach the soul!. Fantastic Aldevis!

Just listen to! The CD is also available in vynil. Enjoy it!

Interview to Aldevis and some tracks from Twentysix-Three


FOTO ROSETO OKAs the metronome beats the time, in the same way the world of music is beaten by some special events which mark the beginning and the end of particular moments.

An example is given by the school concert which marks the end of the school and the beginning of the summer as well as the Christmas concert.

The Saxpower in Radenci (Slovenia) will take place this year from August 18 up to 21 and represents for all saxophone players, both beginners and profis, the beginning of a new year in music and at the same time the end of the summer holidays. Radenci, anyway, always remains a date not to be missed for anyone who wants to breath and fully live the world of saxophone.

The Sequoia saxophones together with Roberto Buttus will be there in pole position.


Edgar Unterkirchner 's summer

14 05 01 MG 3653EDGAR 2 BISThe Sequoia artists are in continous movement and Edgar is reserving us an amazing summer full of events;

June 12th, Concert at  Kultursommer St Paul with the swedish sopran singer Malin Hartelius and the organ player Michael Schadler.

July 5th, Concert Schubertreise und Improvisation at Orgelfestival Lockenhaus with Wolfgang Horvath (piano).
And much more, only to be discovered: